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Electric garage heaters are a type of space heater designed to heat relatively larger spaces. While a garage heater can be used in other areas they have received their name as a result of traditionally being used to heat a garage. In modern times electrical heaters are used more often than propane because they tend to be more efficient and also do not emit a bad odor.

While initially used to heat a garage these large space heaters will heat other large areas as well. They can be used to heat an outdoor patio or a shop or other large open work space. Many modern homes have a two or three car garage and they may need more than one garage heater since these units are typically designed to heat about 300 square feet which is the size of a typical one car garage.

Electric garage heaters are efficient since they utilize 100 % of the electricity conducted for heat. Other methods only use 80 % or less of the fuel burnt to actually generate heat. Electric is also easier to control. With an electric heater the amount of electricity used is in direct association with the setting of the heater.

King Electric GH2407TB 240V 7500W Garage Heater

Garage heaters are also space efficient since they tend to be hung from the ceiling and therefore are not utilizing storage space for the heater. Floor or wall mounted systems would cut down on the usable amount of space you would have inside the garage. Since electric heaters do not need to be fueled up or maintained often the ceiling is a great place to hang them and forget about them.

The fact that the garage heater is electric also means that you do not need to fill a tank with fuel and you also do not have to be concerned with running out of your heating source. As long as you have electricity you have the ability to use an electric heater. This is not the case with fuel based heating systems that have to be monitored to make sure that the fuel does not run out.

Electrical heaters also have a longer life than other heaters since they do not burn out. A heater that uses fossil fuels can become burnt out as a result of the fuel that is being burned through them. An electric heater burns cleaner and therefore does not affect the metal of the heater and can be used for longer periods of time without needing to be replaced.

Electric garage heaters can be purchased at most home goods or hardware stores and can be easily installed. The retailer will typically be able to provide you with a mounting kit for hanging the heater from the ceiling. The specialist at your local hardware store will typically be happy to provide you with easy to follow instructions for hanging your new garage heater.