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Best Electric Garage Heater On The Market – NewAir G73

Some spots at home are great when kept warm, especially during the cold season. One equipment that is worthy of your money is the NewAir G73 heater. Why is it so? That is because the New Air G73 is an electric garage heater that can warm up large areas of your house easily and quickly. The product is also affordable and durable. This device is beneficial and is great if you are refurbishing your room in preparation for winter.

NewAir G73

What makes NewAir G73 the best electric garage heater?

Extreme Durability and Vast Heat Coverage

NewAir G73 Review

The heater is capable of warming a huge area in the house effectively, just like the garage. The equipment has a 5,000-watt heating power that makes it possible to transform and spread heat up to a 500-square feet space in an unthinkable cost-effective way. Its rugged steel design is one product feature that capacities it to withstand tough weather conditions. It also has a heavy duty forced heating fan that allows rapid spread of warm air evenly. Thus, making your workplace usable even during cold days.

Installation flexibility

NewAir G73 Review

What makes New Air G73 stand out among other electric garage heaters is the fact that it is easy to install. It can be installed in a single pole without the need for plugs in order to work. All you have to do is hardwire it in the area where you would like to have most heat and enjoy the warmness in a short time. Included in the package of this product is a swiveling mounting bracket to be used during ceiling or way wall installation. Doing this allows you to acquire an airflow on the area where you greatly need the warmth.

Safety and Efficiency

NewAir G73 Review

The New Air G73 has trusted features that make it a safer option for everyone. It has the capacity to turn off automatically when the desired temperature is achieved. This feature saves its users from the pain brought about by overheating. However, when the unit gets too hot, it is shut by its thermal cut off. The unit requires only 220 volts of your electric line. Users have the access to adjust the unit settings once it gets turned on. Because of its advanced heating system and reliability in product development, consumers find it enough to be considered a trustworthy choice.

The Verdict

With the features that the New Air G73 has, it shows that New Air company produces quality products that are technologically advanced but durable at the same time. New Air’s appliances are exceptionally designed with quality coupled with originality that sets them apart from other brands in the market. Their continued product research and testing is what makes them strive to bring their products to perfection. They also strive to provide unmatched merchandise that consumers can get exclusively under their New Air brand name. Their New Air G73 electric garage heater is just one proof that the company wants to be part of their consumer’s household.